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Friday, December 23, 2005


What a weekend last weekend!! First, the ordination to the transitional diaconate. Then, the Redskins whooped the Cowboys! 35-7!! I should get ordained every weekend! Woo-hoo!!
Wow, last Saturday night's ordination was awesome! Many people have said it was a very powerful and moving experience. Uh, yeah! For me, it was this, of course, but it was a lot of fun! I had made a holy hour with the Lord just before the Mass began, and at the end, I said to Him, "let's have some fun!" I was filled with such peace and joy.

There were a bunch of people there - the place was just about filled. I saw many people I knew there, and it was so great to enjoy this with so many who have been praying for me and supporting me for 11 years. We're finally here!! Thanks, especially, to all the St. John's parishioners who came. I greatly appreciate all of your efforts.

Some people have commented that this ordination was different from any other that they've been to. It did have a special feel - like it was electric or something. The ordination rite itself went smoothly. Apparently, when my name was called, I practically shot up out of my chair. Guess I couldn't wait (been long enough). I made promises of celibacy and obedience to Cardinal McCarrick and the Church of Washington.

Then, there was some drama. The other two guys and I prostrated ourselves as the Church sung the litany of saints. I started to have images of my Dad, Father Wells, Mother Teresa, and other family and friends who have died. My saints in Heaven!! They were there!! They have been there for me for so long. Well, the litany went on for a while, and it was an extremely powerful experience for which I wasn't ready. I got up off the floor, thinking 'somebody needs to mop up that wet spot' I left with my tears. Tears of joy, of course!

Then, the big moment. The Cardinal laid his hands on me, and the Holy Spirit came upon me. That is the Sacrament of Holy Orders right there. I've waited 11 years+ for that one moment! Oh, cool! So, as a result, I have the power of the Holy Spirit that the Apostles and early deacons of the Church had. I have the faculties to preach, baptize, give blessings, etc. This is so cool!

After this, I was given two vestments to wear as a new deacon, and then served the rest of the Mass at the altar. There was a huge mob scene after we processed out, and it's all kind of a blur. Lots of people. Praise God! We had a big party at my brother's house that went late. Great time there! I preached twice the next day, and served for the Cardinal that night (during the Redskins game!). I really enjoy serving as a deacon- I've got the power!!

As I said in my first homily, "I thank God for all the gifts he's given me to serve as a deacon".


  • Greg,
    The entire night was moving, powerful - special. My favorite part was the laying of the hands. History in action. Truth... that is what comes to mind.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:01 AM  

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