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Monday, November 28, 2005


According to Canon Law, I have to make a 5 day retreat before being ordained a deacon. So, today I'm heading off to a hermitage in New Jersey for 5 days of silence. I"m actually very much looking forward to it. That's right, 5 days of silence. No TV, cell phone, email...nothing. It'll just be me and Christ. You can understand why I am excited. It'll be very refreshing to meet him in this silence.

My hope is that this week will help me enter into more deeply what it means to be a deacon (deacon=servant), and to let the Lord work on my heart. I'm not trying to have any expectations, but I do feel the Lord is pulling me in the direction of changing my heart to that of a servant. On a much deeper level. It is sirely needed!!

Please pray for me this week.. thay my heart will be changed. I will pray for you as I live as a hermit this week!


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