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Monday, November 07, 2005

Call to Orders!

Update on my ordination status:

Last Thursday, Cardinal McCarrick gave me my Call
to Orders! What that means is that he officially
called me to be ordained a deacon. I've gotten
the Call!! In larger terms, it means that God has
called me to be a deacon through the Church. That's
way cool! After all this time, especially, it's
unbelievable to know with certainty that I am
doing God's Will. Guess I've been on the right
track after all with this priesthood thing!

I think the exact wording His Eminence used was,
"Greg, I call you to Sacred Orders for service
in the Church of Washington". So, I am now set
to be ordained a transitional deacon on Saturday,
December 17, 5 pm, St John Neumann Church,
Gaithersburg, Maryland. There should be three
of us ordained deacons that day, which would line
up twelve of us to be ordained priests for Washington
in May. That would be the largest ordination class
here in like 20 years!

I will give a general invitation to the St. John's community
as the ordination nears, but in general terms, everyone
is invited to attend the Ordination Mass. Also, I am
happy to answer any questions that you might have
about being a deacon or priest. Please pray for me
as I enter the clerical state!

- Rev. Mr. Greg (Reverend Mister is the title for
transitional deacons or deacons to be)


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