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Friday, March 10, 2006

A parishioner's blog

Check out this comment that Linda, a SFA parishioner, wrote earlier this week. It is one of the most inspiring and powerful comments I've read on a blog site:

"...I was so moved by so many of (your past discussion topics) and wanted to comment on each of them but decided to pick one that moved me the most and I have to admit it was regarding the Eucharist. Thank-you for your honesty and for sharing your very personal experiences. I wish more priests would share their own personal experiences, from the altar, about how they came to be enlightened over different matters. It helps us simple folk see that yes even our Priests had to start somewhere on their spiritual journey. And it is usually in the same place that so many of us are.... deep in sin.

As a Cradle Catholic, I too didn't realize what we truly believe to be receiving at communion. I learned this as a 35 year old going through the RCIA program to be confirmed. All adult catholics should have to go through the RCIA progam. To relearn, and many times start to learn, just what we truly believe. When I learned of the True Presence, I was stunned... WE BELIEVE THAT ??? And too asked the question how can that be? But deep down inside I wanted very much to believe that. Really, who wouldn't want to believe that every time we receive the Eucharist we are physically taking Christ into our very self. I NEED THAT. I NEED HIM IN ME TO HELP ME TO BE MORE LIKE HIM IN THIS WORLD. Of course I don't understand it. I can't explain how it happens.

But Christ said outright what it is we are receiving... and I believe. I will not be one of the many people who heard him say this and walked away because they didn't understand or it just sounded too horrible a thing. He didn't go after them and say...Wait, Wait don't go. I was just meaning that as a symbol. He let them walk away because they wouldn't believe his actual meaning. AND SO I BELIEVE IT BECOMES HIS TRUE BODY AND BLOOD, AND HE PHYSICALLY BECOMES JOINED WITH MY BODY EVERY TIME I RECEIVE. WOW !!!!! THANK-YOU JESUS FOR SOMETHING SO SIMPLE.

And yet after having just reaffirmed what I (and we as Catholics) believe, why don't I figure out how to get to Mass every single day of the week !!! I am caught up in the daily struggles of balancing work and family life. Oh how I wish I could start my days with receiving Christ but time committments just don't allow right now, and I hate to admit that. I am embarrassed to admit that. But for now I will try to get to Wednesday night mass and Sunday.

I am afraid there are many many cradle Catholics like ourselves (Ty Roach & myself) who also don't really understand what we are receiving at Communion. I am thankful to God that he enlightened me early enough in life (if you can say 35 is early)to maybe try to help share it with others and my kids.

I hope I haven't overstepped my blogging boundaries here.....please let me know if I have. It is just refreshing to hear others' stories. It reminds me of my own".


  • Thanks to Linda your SFA parishoner for sharing. I too wish I could begin each of my days by attending mass, but the world and its schedule intervenes and so much is missed by me allowing that to happen. I wonder how different some of my days would have been if I had made that choice. The strength and cleansing of my soul I recieve from Christ each time I get down on my kneels in true praise is so awesome that it makes me thirst for more. How blessed we are that Christ is always ready to take us back when we make the right choice and ask for His forgiveness.

    By Blogger kd, at 12:22 PM  

  • Thanks, KD! Beautiful reflection that you wrote.

    By Blogger Fr Greg, at 3:02 PM  

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