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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Christ's authority is amazing

I have started a blog site at St Francis in Derwood, where I am serving full-time until May. Probably in the near future, I will cut and paste my weekly posts from that site to this one. You can look under my profile for that's site address.
The following are excerpts from my homily last past Sunday (1/29):

Authority is a bad word to many people today. A lot of people, young and old, don't like or respect authority. They feel that the authority figures in their lives - government, parents, the Church, etc. - in some way restrict their freedom. They don't like 'being told what to do' and so now have a negative attitude towards those in authority. And yet, we hear in the Gospel (Mk 1:21-28) that the crowds were "astonished" and "amazed" at Jesus' authority. Why is Jesus' authority amazing?

We know that God the Father is the 'author of life'. He is the creator of all life and knows all things. He has power over all life and the authority to rule and judge life. He hands over this authority to Christ. It's a full authority to rule and judge over all life. So, when Christ comes to Earth, he speaks with great power. He knows all things about the Father and about us. He reveals who God is, what God wants from us, and how much God loves us. He speaks with such power - his words penetrate our hearts and minds like no one ever has.

The prophets, like Moses, had authority, too, to teach, but it was more like a partial authority. God the Father spoke through Moses, but it wasn't with full authority. Moses didn't know the Father like Christ does. Moses didn't know the human heart like Christ does. Moses doesn't know all about life like Christ does. Only Christ has the power and authority to teach us fully about God, life, and ourselves. And, this authority doesn't restrict or contrain us; in fact, the power of his words are very freeing. He speaks the Truth about God, life, and ourselves; it is the Truth that sets us free.

An example of how Christ's authority is freeing is the man filled with unclean spirits. Through his words alone, Christ casts out the demons from the man. His words have power over all things, even the Devil and his legions. The evil spirits bow to the authority of Christ and obey his words: "Come out of him!" Christ's words free the man from the demons.

On the altar at Mass, Christ says four words through his priest that change bread into his flesh: "This is my body". If Christ's words can cast out demons, then certainly his words can change bread and wine into his body and blood. At every Mass, then, we are witnesses to the power of Christ's words, and are amazed at the authority with which he speaks and teaches. His power is astonishing and amazing. His love is astonishing and amazing. May you know his love this day.


  • Amen, Thanks Greg for your words and guidance..Pat C Hollywood

    By Anonymous pcannon, at 10:19 AM  

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