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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pray for President Obama

Today our nation celebrates the inauguration of a new president which is always a historic occasion. It is an especially extraordinary day in the history of our country because Barack Obama becomes the first black president of the United States. We wish President Obama well. Each of us should pray for him every day. We should pray for his health and safety, that he will open to the grace, wisdom and knowledge of God, that he will be a man of virtue in his actions, that he will be led by the Spirit of Truth and not the spirit of the world, and that his heart and mind will be changed on the issues of life. We pray that he will be a leader for the culture of life and not the culture of death.

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  • Father above; look over our new president Barak Obama. Help him to be honest, forthright and diligent in his promises. Help his faith in you be strong because that is the only way anything can be of real worth. Let him always keep you in all of his decisions and try in your name to bring about peace and unity through out the land foreign and domestic. May he see and do your will for the good of all your people.
    Heavenly Father, I am also praying for Barak Obama’s family to be strong and to remember always the husband and father they love and not the man in the media. Give them strength to stand united together with your divine love guiding them. “Thy Will Be Done” Amen

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