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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The cross is the greatest gift

Recently, Fran posted the following beautiful reflections and prayers related to suffering from the book "Every Day is A Gift":

"Do not allow yourselves to be overly saddened by the unfortunate accidents of this world.You are not aware of the benefits that they bring and by what secret judgment of God they are arranged for the eternal joy of the Elect.
-St. John of the Cross

Prayer: Father of wisdom, help me to accept all earthly misfortunes with the sure knowledge that good will come from them. Let me never despair, but trust in Your Providence that governs all things.

"Suffering out of love for God is a signal favor, but we do not realize this.For we thank God for prosperity and take no heed that afflictions would be a much greater grace.
-St. Joseph of Cupertino

Prayer: Compassionate Lord, teach me to regard all suffering as something allowed by You to make me more like Your Son Jesus. Help me to accept in this light whatever suffering may come to me.

"The cross is the greatest gift God could bestow on His Elect on earth. There is nothing so necessary, so beneficial, so sweet, or so glorious as to suffer something for Jesus.If you suffer as you ought, the cross will become a precious yoke that Jesus will carry with you.
-St. Louis Grignion de Montfort

Prayer: Lord Jesus, impress upon me that without a cross on earth there will be no crown in heaven. Help me to bear my cross daily for You as You bore Your Cross for me and all human beings.


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