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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blogger party!

Fr. Mike's refresher course continues tonight, 7 pm, in the school. It is open to any adult Catholics who have questions about their faith and / or those who need to be confirmed.
Let's have a party! When I initially asked bloggers about the idea of having a get-together, the overwhelming response was, 'yes!' So, we're going ahead with it. I have reserved the all-purpose room here at St A's for next Saturday night, May 5, after the 5 pm Mass. So, that'll be 5/5 after the 5!

Let's make it a potluck dinner. Casual dress. Open to all bloggers of our sites - St. Andrew's, St Francis, St John's, GW.

I know that it's rather last-minute and everyone is busy with games and different Spring events, so let's keep it simple. Cold dishes would be preferable. We will have access to the oven in the kitchen at 4 pm in case anyone needs to heat up their dish. But, given the weather and logistics of the event, I would prefer to steer away from that.

Then, it's the matter of who is bringing what. I know, "Anon" will bring this, "Anon" will bring that...! I guess it really doesn't matter that much to have a name attached to a side dish or main dish, but it would be helpful. Keep in mind, "Anonymous" will not be accepted on any name tag that night! We're going to know who each other is on May 5 (that's kinda the whole point, right!), so we might as well get started on names now with the sign-up.

So, please indicate if you're able to come, and what you will bring. If bloggers want to bring their spouses, that's fine, but we should limit it to that (bloggers and spouses only). Please indicate if your spouse will be coming. For those who will need to get a babysitter, the party will probably go no later than 8 pm (although I don't know what kind of partiers bloggers are!). We'll have dinner, dessert, and music - I'll bring a Karaoke machine for anyone who's interested.

I can provide drinks - sodas and waters.

Please reply on the "comments" section of this post so that everyone will see how many are coming, and what's being provided. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave those as well. I think I've covered everything, but let me know if I missed something here. I will make another post at the end of next week with an update.

Come on bloggers, don't be's time to get together and meet one another. It's party time!


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