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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

"Why do you want to be a priest?"

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I've been asked many times, "why do you want to be a priest?" My initial answer usually is, "because Jesus wants me to be a priest". All vocations come from the Lord Jesus; he calls each of us by name to one of the three vocations - religious, married, or single. Our job is to figure out to which one he is calling us; I have found that it is one of the hardest things in life to know God's will.

Now, the call may be there, but will I respond? So, that gets back to the main question. The answer of why I want to be a priest and respond to Christ's call was largely visible on the playground of St John's last week. No, it's not just about 'dominating' in kickball (I'm getting a lot of mileage out of that line!). It's about love and service. I am in love with Christ and with His people, especially His youth. With the Lord's help, I am giving my life for them. I want to spend my whole life with them. Not just to play ball with them, but to serve them. To serve Him.

Celibacy gives me the freedom to serve 24/7. It allows me to spend as much time with the schoolkids as possible (until I get into trouble with the teachers or principal). To talk with them about Jesus and have fun with them. To sit down with people and listen to their struggles in life. To visit with the sick. To pray each morning and night in the Presence of the Lord for people in the parish. To spread the Gospel. To talk to young men and women about entering religious life. To lead people to reconciliation with God and neighbor. To answer people's questions about the Church. In short, to bring Jesus to people and people to Jesus.

Jesus says the greatest love is to lay down one's life for one's friends (see John 15:13). Celibates are not the only ones who do this; I personally think that married persons make more sacrifices than priests. As someone who is looking to promise celibacy this December, I want to imitate Christ (for He was a celibate man who gave himself fully to all). I want to love as God loves; that is, love everyone the same. While it is a great sacrifice, it is an even greater treasure (see Mark 10:28-31). It is an amazing gift to serve the people of God, young and old, full-time. Please pray for me, that God is calling me to this awesome life!
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  • I made an observation during the funeral mass of Pope John Paul. The bishops dipped their host into the wine rather than drinking directly from the chalice. I attempted the same one day at day and the attendant froze with fear. I pondered situation. I personally do not eat or drink behind others in daily life so I personally felt relieved to see the actions of the bishops and questioned if all parishioners would be healthier if they did the same. I think the percentage of persons taking part would increase greatly if all people were allowed(encouraged)to dip the host. I feel like I am missing out when my head tells me that I need to use common sense and stay well for myself and my family. God must know my heart and desire to be a good follower.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:25 AM  

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